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WWelcome to the Dorris Game Bird Heart Blinder Website.

We started raising pheasants in the late 70's when options for blinders were limited.  We wanted a bigger blinder so we could raise more pheasants per pen and flexible enough to not hang up in the netting.  In 1988 we started making our own blinders and after many designs we accomplished our goal with a stamped out neoprene blinder called the Big Heart Blinder.

We started selling these blinders to some of the local pheasant farms and before long we were shipping them all over the U.S. 


In 2005 we quit raising pheasants to devote full time to the blinder business so we could make improvements to the Big Heart Blinder and develop new products.  All of our products are mold injected using only top quality rubber and nylon to insure long life.  The new Big Heart Blinder is the same shape and size but is now in white to reduce heat and weigh half as much.


We have many great customers including some of the largest pheasant farms in the U.S. This includes past presidents of the NAGA, Bill MacFarlane, Tim Zindl, Sonny Hairston and Sam Ballou, just to name a few.  With leaders like these in the industry using our products, you know they are top quality.

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