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                         Dorris Game Bird Farm, Inc.

                                        Dave & Renee' Dorris

                                                         10611 Pheasant Lane

                                                           Melba, ID 83641

                                                       Ph. # (208)-896-4966




                                     For ordering call us direct at (208)-896-4966

                                    We will ship the same day if ordered by 

                                    12:00 pm.  Shipping is with UPS Monday through

                                    Friday and close's at 12:00 pm. each day.  We 

                                     accept most credit cards.


                                   It takes several days for orders to reach the

                                     eastern states with UPS ground shipping. Ordering

                                     early will avoid the more expensive shipping options. 



                                     We are an at home business and we are happy

                                      to take your call at any time of day for ordering or

                                      answering questions. 

                                     If we we do not answer, leave a message and we will 

                                      call you back as soon as possible.

                                      Thank you for your business,

                                       Dave and Renee' Dorris  

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